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"Just a Note" - Prologue

 I live in a very small town.  You'd probably have a hard time trying to find it on any map.  That's okay, though; I think I like it better that way.  Recently, the professor at our local school retired, and we've been taking our lessons from our parents - or in my case, my older brother Tyan.  At first, I was doubtful that we'd ever find another teacher.   Visitors to this town are pretty rare; we usually get one every fifteen years or so.  Peculiarly enough, a lady showed up just one month after our mayor sent a notice to the capital city.  It seemed a little odd at the time, although no one really questioned her.  We're a pretty trusting lot.  I didn't give it a second thought.

 And then, I met her.  She had all her shiny "new" credentials.  Apparently, she'd taught in the royal court. This, of course, let me to wonder why a respected middle-aged lady would want to wear a magical glamour to conceal her age and appear younger.  When no one else seemed to notice (that is, after all, the point between such a glamour), I didn't speak up.

 That's when the town's new resident, the popular "Lady Syarthe" - That's what everyone calls her, she came with claims to that title and name - became interested in Tyan.  He can't even see her true self like I can.  He doesn't believe me when I tell him the truth (but then, it does seem rather far-fetched), and I had to make him promise not to tell Syarthe what I'd told him.

 Now, I try to give everyone a fair chance, but something about Syarthe was just screaming "Don't trust me!" and trust her is something I can't do.  My best friend Jarol doesn't see it, but then, no one else does either.  My distaste for her has led to me wheedling Tyan into giving me my lessons at home.  Just don't tell any of the townspeople that; they've been told that I caught some sort of dreadful, highly contagious disease, and that's why Tyan is homeschooling me.

 And now, I hear a knock at the door.  Syarthe's coming over for dinner (joy) so I've got to go play invalid.  'Til later!


Ordinary Skies