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Splash Hop
Sunday, July 01, 2001
time to make my new layout :3

Thursday, June 28, 2001
maybe the song doesn't exist and I imagined it O_____o;

here I go. X3; downloading every song with "fiesta" in it.

*listens to Shakira* Ne, ne angie, you're right, it IS a funkay cool song. X33; *downloads J-Lo again* didn't get the whole song last time. But I dun think it's the song I was talking about... (It would have helped if I knew any of the lyrics, right? X3;;;;;; *dies*) Hmm, no, this isn't it. I must find that SONG ^______^; *dies*

hm. X3; I updated to Windows Me and NOW I can use volume control again. *dies* X3; I was going into mp3 withdrawal ... i listen to my music with headphones, but when I went to win98 second version, I couldn't turn the volume DOWN, and it was so loud momma could hear it across the room. now I can listen to happy mp3s again~ *______*;; *dies*

u___u; now I have to find a JOB. *dies* T___T;; ... maybe I'll apply at that grocery store. @@; they'll hire me because they're always short on staff. ^^;;;;;;

Tuesday, June 26, 2001
X3 fear not. a new blog layout is ON THE WAY!! ^________^

working on webpageness is ... fun. @____@; except now, I have to tackle ... thumbnails. Which ISN'T fun. *falls*

ah well. *opens photoshop*

X3 btw! One exam down; one to go! (tomorrow - wish me luck!)

Saturday, June 23, 2001
*waits for her profile to show updates* @____@;; ... fuu.

X3 I saw "The Fast and the Furious" last night... good movie. ^^ Paul Walker has pretty eyes. And ... sweet cars. This movie had ... very sweet cars. Very FAST sweet cars. @____@;;; Very FAST sweet cars that got blown up/destroyed/rolled over/etc. X3333;;

Nyah nyah.... um .... @____@; *shrugs* Yesterday was freaky. Right from when I got up ... (11:45 ^_____^;;;;;; ) people wanted to DO STUFF with me. O______o;; I was very surprised, yes. (but not BAD surprised. X3; )

.... *falls over* poor neglected blog. *pets it*

Wednesday, June 20, 2001
>________<;;; ....

Monday, June 18, 2001
It's bi-weekly! It's shounen ai! It's bi-weekly shounen ai! *dies* XD ... um, yes. @__@; I'm just making preparations... for the digimon section of my page... *cackles and falls over* (that means I'm wasting printer ink in printing off heaps of Digimon pictures. X3) at least I have Tai all ready to be inked. X3 and lots of piccus to be scanned. (although I don't have time to tonight... *___*; tomorrow's my last day of school, so after that I should have all the time in the world; for a little while, anyway. XD *rolls*) ... *falls*

*flips thru her sketchbook* X3 anime person, Trowa, Zephyr, non-anime person, Tasuki, Tasuki again, Av and Raven, Zola, Shishi (X3), Maxi, T.K., T.K. again, Kari, Ron Weasley <3, a piccu by Ty, another piccu by Ty, a chair, a rose, hands, geometric figures, three eyes (o_____o;; ), Av dressed somewhat oddly..., Flic's itouto D'Aaron, Raven, A.J., random dress designs, unfinished Raven, Vyse X3, Aika, Cliven head-shot along with a Raven head-shot along with a little area of pose practice drawings, Davish, Duo's head, Kero and Sakura, two semi-realistic and crappy looking people, Davish with a soccerball and a 'fro, Amanda, failed architecture studies, another unfinished Raven piccu, heaps of boxes, 2 Avs and a Raven, an anime person (from my Book), Demiveemon (cuuuute X3 <3), Grape boi, Crappidoodle Harry Potter, Raven, Davish and Codypants, Grape boi and his sandwich, underwater fishie lady that's not Zola, Maxi, and a doodle of Kensukeness. X3 *laughs* there's also a doodle of Raven in his sleepin-wear that I plan on scanning, it's on the back of my Physics test.

.... now for some ... MEEP. >______o;;; mom wants me to do homework. Guess I'll print ken-ness after... *flails*

Friday, June 15, 2001
... I am never, ever, ever, EVER letting my sister install something on my computer. >____o; EVER again. I wonder if I'll have to reformat the whole thing to get it working properly again? @____________@;;;

fuu. *falls*

... supper time! XD *hops off* (I'm seeing Atlantis and Tomb Raider tonight too~ X3 )

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