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Wednesday, January 17, 2001
New art~! XD;;

Raven- the second full-body piccu I did of him, but I messed up the first by pencil-shading. (I miss my pencil crayons~~~)
the Ken+Dai comic- No bg! XDDD;; *bricks herself for the stupid comic before anyone else can*
big head- XDDDD; Av's got a big head! *falls over*
more Ravenness- ^^; I think this is the most close-up-y piccu I've drawn yet...
a girl- ^^; Just some girl...
the good guys- of Av's story, anyway. If you dun know, tis Raven, Av, and Zola, from left to right. I like drawing Raven X3;

XDDDDD remember that math exam? As Ty would say, I "kicked some sweet ass"! XDDD;; but you know that your math course is hard when 75% is kickin' ass... XD;

XD; bwah...

I was feeling really down last night... because my mom said she wasn't going to go to my grad if I asked my sister's ... er, what is he? Well... her man. X3; to walk with me... as though her dislike of him is more important than my one and only highschool graduation... I asked my dad to walk with me first. He keeps thinking it's strange that I'd wanna walk with him, but I don't exactly know any boys my age I'd want to ask. *falls over*

On top of that, my ex-best-friend has been deceiving me again. Seems she's been smoking for several months. Not telling me, I can understand, it's not the sort of thing people have conversations about... but she also asked one my friends who knew, not to tell me.

Who can have a relationship without trust and honesty?

The point is.. I'm not feeling sad today... I feel kind of empty. But last night I was pretty upset about it all, so in order to not think about it (and thus not cry about it) I drew five more pictures. @__@; I'm drawing new stuff to cg before I even get the previous stuff done.

I just wanted to rant about that for a little while. I think I feel better.

I'm in school right now... school is so boring. @__@; especially when you're on your spare... and you don't know anyone else who has the same spare as you.

+D "stupid face"! That suits me... XDDD

Tuesday, January 16, 2001
XDDDDD; *looks at the daixken 1-page comic she started drawing today and bricks herself*

Fwah~~~~ XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *rolls* I just did tha math exam... (not the final; that's next week) and ... I think I did well! XDDDD~ *rolls more*

"I can't bring myself to draw at the oekaki" ... meaning, that before, if I sat down and wanted to draw something at the oekaki, I'd just do so. Now, I get frustrated before I get the first eye done. Wonder why that is. XD;; 'cause I could sit down and draw just fine one-two weeks ago. *baps her strange mentality* I'll try to draw Zola there now. @@; and I have some stuff to scan, too.

What is the +D face supposed to be? 'coz it just looks like a starry-eyed cyclops grinning, to me. ^^;

Monday, January 15, 2001
oi... that blog made it sound like I'm being bitchy. XD; *cackles and falls over*

How can I... when my dad might agree to buy SoA over the 'net for me? XD (tis not available here...)

Even tho... I am a little sad that I only got one email concerning my comic. ;o; *falls over and glomps kitsu* And I wont gnaw you so much, okee? ^^;

*ahem* ... I can't bring myself to draw at the oekaki anymore. Why not? O__o;

Raven: Because nobody misses your art? XD *falls over*

Oi~~ *pokes Raven* maybe I'm stuck in the mentality that noone benefits from my art again. *shrugs and falls over* It's not like I haven't been drawing stuff on paper, I've been drawing more than normal. But... like Raven said, probably nobody misses my doodles on the oekaki...

Anyway~ new layout soon... *points to the drawing she's inking* New art soon... *points to all the partially-finished pictures* and... gift at section on my site soon. ^^;

the piccu inspired by kristen's and kitsu's blogs. ^^;

And his name is Av. AV. Not "AUUUUUU~!" as Ty was pronouncing it. And my v's do not look like u's, thankyouverymuch.

random blog. X3; *goes back to inking Nik*

Saturday, January 13, 2001
I guess this would probably help if someone wanted to comment. @___@; (sorry Kitsu X3)

*goes back to cging the piccu inspired by kitsu's and kristen's blogs* @__@;

Friday, January 12, 2001
Oi. *blinks and falls over* Oi. OI! OIII~! >___<;;;

... ^^; oi.

I have some new art! X3;
sakura - I drew Sakura from ccs. comic style. X3;
comic page ... yes... I'm making a comic. this is a sketchy sample page.... comments are appreciated.... XDDDDD;;

*cgs a piccu* ... OI! >___<;

Tuesday, January 09, 2001
Oi~ XD; *turns on scanner* I'll post some more artstuffs soon. I dun feel bad about my art right now... (just everything else X3;;; *bricked*)

I'm an idiot. A girl in my class asked me how I found the math test, but I was obliviously staring out the window. O__O;;; *wishes Ty had bapped her* .. Crystal, if yer reading this... I failed. Badly. o__o;

*scans* This picture is so freakin' weird. O__o;; (you will know what I mean when you see it)

bwah.... T__T;;;; the girl who less than a _year_ ago said that we were best friends (honestly enough, twas true...) hardly ever has two words to say to me anymore. I dunno if it's 'coz she's got more staulkers than anyone else I know, or what... how do you confront someone about something like that? I don't trust my voice enough to be able to tell her.... @__@; but.... I dun wanna just go on pretending like nothing's different... *sigh* ... don't you think she'd notice? Bwah... that's my problem... I've been hiding the real me for so long that I don't think anyone can see thru my "mask" anymore... even when I want them to... *falls over* The people I know online know me better than anyone I know IRL...

except maybe my parents, because they're psychic. @__@;

ANYway..... ... *pokes Angie* X3;; *pokes kristen too while she's at it* I dunno which of you to blame for the doodle I drew of Neil today! @___@;;;;;

*falls over* I might as well just wait another minute to upload my art, and post 'em in this blog. *waits*

Dancin' Knuckles - I swear I didn't know he'd be dancing when I started drawing him. *nodnods* this is the weird piccu.
Av - X3; he looks too cute~~ *rolls* and no, I dunno what's up with that pose.
Neil - sketch on my English assignment. O__o; *koffs* that's how you draw palm trees when you've never seen one. @__@; (If you look closely you can see "Miko-sama" in the bg.... *rolls*)
Princess - if you (can) read the writing on this piccu, you know just as much about her as I do. I'm taking suggestions for names X3;;;;

... this is a long blog. XD

Sunday, January 07, 2001
Booya! I got my homework done sooner than I'd thought possible~~~ *rolls*

Coapi-Apple's blog X3

Oiii~ you have the Princess Mononoke dvd, kristen? X3 *rolls* Twas a good movie, but I just rented it. ^__^;

My side7 account is sorely neglected. Not that anyone actually saw my art there....

*fwaps her ego* Damn you, inflate! INFLATE!!
Ego: *speck of dust* Nyahahahaha~