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Aspirations ~ Av-tachi... ^^;
~beautiful morning with you... ~ cLaude
Bombarded with Blue ~ Kai
Chicken Chow Mein *SPLAT!* ~ Coapi
Return to Forever ~ Cliven (et al)
Fate of Angels ~ Riona
Guardian Memories ~ Saikou
Jama wa Sasenaikara ~ PK
Krelchan's LiveJournal
Kumori ~ Jessie
Lovely Whatnot ~ Kitsu
Melodies of Life ~ Kristen
Nibelung Valesti ~ Angie
nonsense babble ~ Yuyu
PinkBlossoms ~ Maeka
The Piecrust Saboteur! XD ~ Apika
Reverse Halo ~ Queen Vera
Songs of Yesterday ~ Oni
Splash Hop is link free ^___^