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Changelog... XD

    June 28 - Mmh... well, today, this page came into existance! XD Soo, I guess I could say that I created the index, and the changelog.  I added some fanart to the Sketchbook, and just stuck a link to the character profiles.  I also put up the Random MP3 of the Update - hope you like! XD
    I also created the Bookshelf - fanfiction! ^o^ Only two there so far - It's bound to grow! ^^;  I made the "Link to Me" section as well; use the spiffy banner! XD
    I'll get some polls up ASAP, as well as an update for the card collection.  I've had some people offer to send me in scans of their cards... (where are you? o.o)
    By the time you're reading this, I'll probably have the guestbook fixed up and ready to go.
    Ngg... this is going to take a looong time... I have to organize my sketchbook! waaa... *whines*
    ... Of course, by the time I upload this, it should be done.  *sweatdrop*
    Alright! That's all that I'm gonna do for today...
Ja ne!