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Digidestined Profiles

What?! You don't know who the Digidestined are?! Where have you been?! ... Okay, just kidding.  Seriously, though, here's the Digidestined (pictures collected from various sources, none of which said "DUN STEAL~!" ^~)
Tai and Koromon
Taichi "Tai" Kamiya (or Yagami, if you watch in Japanese) - Tai is the protagonist (ooh, big word... ~_~; it means main character) and the designated leader of their unlikely gang.  He's got big hair, and big socks to match, and he's really enthusiastic... his personality can be summed up in one word... Genki (Japanese for energy ^_~).  His crest is the Crest of Courage.  He gets along well with everyone in their digital gang, although there is some tension between him and Yamato (If you really want to know, sure... I am a Taito fan... ^__^; ).  Deep down I think they get along pretty well.
Matt and his Digimon partner, Tsunomon
Yamato "Matt" Ishida - The appointed "cool" one of the group.   He is the holder of the Crest of Friendship.  His parents are divorced, and have been for a few years.  He has a younger brother, Takeru (T.K.), who is also a Digidestined.  He's over-protective of T.K., which I find understandable because of his parents' separation.  A lot of people adore Yama-chan (myself included... =9 ), so you can find lots of website-shrine-thingies about him.  I'm not gonna make one.  I dun have the resources to make one worthwhile ^~. He lives with his dad, while Takeru lives with their mom.
Takeru and Tokomon
Takeru "TK" Takaishi - TK is Matt's younger brother.  His digimon partner is Tokomon, and he's a small child, around seven years old, I think.  His is the crest of Hope, and his digimon seems to be one of the strongest digimon among their group (digidestined, that is).  As I said above, he lives with his mother.  He's a cute little kid and gets along with all of the other Digidestined.
Sora Takenouchi - Sora is, for lack of a better description, like everyone's older sister.  She's there to try and break up fights, and she cares about all of the digidestined deeply.  Her crest, appropriately, is the crest of love.  Everyone in the digidestined like her in some way.  TK says she reminds him of his mom.  Sora is an only child (to my knowledge) who lives with her mother, and loves playing soccer.  That blue hat in the picture? It's her lucky hat.  Somehow, it seems to have the ability to change from hat to helmet, and back.  In the Bakemon ep, it was a helmet, when Joe was thwapping it with a stick.  In the Myotismon story arc, when they were in the real world and being rounded up by Bakemons and Phantomon, it was a hat, she had it all crumpled up in her hands.  It's either magic, or she's a lot stronger than she looks. ^~ Or... maybe it's a mistake on the part of the animators.  I dunno.  Sora's digimon partner is Biyomon (rookie form).
Koushirou "Izzy" Izumi - Izzy's sorta the "brains of the operation" ... he carries his PINEapple IMac everywhere (laptop, dagnabbit!), as well as having a digital camera and cellular phone.  (I'm not allowed to get a cell phone, and he has one?! Where's the justice?! ><) Izzy was adopted by his parents, and is their only child (so to speak).  He has another computer in his bedroom, and the fact that he was adopted is partially what drove him to be so involved with computers.  His crest is of Knowledge, and his digimon pal is Tentomon.
Joe Kido - or Jyou, depending on your version, is the oldest digidestined.  He's the sempai, or upperclassman, and has a habit of taking responsibility for everyone else.  His crest is the one of reliability, and although he's not always brave, and doesn't always see the best solution to a problem, you can always count on him to be there when it really counts.  His father was a doctor, and Joe is also studying to get into med-school.  I think he's trying to live up to his father's dream for him, not his own dream.  He's partnered up with the wise-cracking Gomamon, making the two an odd couple, but a good pair nonetheless.
Mimi Tachikawa - Mimi may seem like a peppy, preppy cheerleader type, but don't be fooled.  She can be very sensitive, and cares a great deal about her friends.  Sometimes she forgets what counts and can be very selfish, but she always comes through.  She doesn't like losses, or fighting.  Her digimon is Palmon, and the crest of Sincerity is her crest.  Mimi's favorite colour is pink, and you can tell that, just by looking at her.  She usually has her huge pink cow-girl hat on.  I'm sure that thing must be illegal in a couple countries... ~_~;;
<Imagine that there's a picture of Kari here... ^^;>
Kari Kamiya - or Yagami, in the Japanese version.  I'm not sure why they changed their last name to be translated, but it was changed.  She's Tai's younger brother, and the bearer or the Crest of Light.  This seems to be a huge responsibility because of the power it holds, but Kari is very capable of handling it.  The power does cause her to pass out a lot, though.  (See "The Crest of Light") ... She's very selfless, and makes sacrifices to make sure that the lives of others is easier.  Her partner is Gatomon, who was once a servant of Myotismon.  Gatomon and Kari make a good pair because of their characters.
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