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my goggles XD
Look! It's... updated! The place looks tidy! There's no crappy art you're being forced to look at! XDD

mato: *baps Tai* quiet, you! I know that picture was bad, but I didn't think so when I put it up...

Eh.. sorry. ^^;;; Anywho, Yes, the place looks different... but not much has changed. ~__~; I've decided not to give access to my photo album - you can see the pictures anywhere else on a bazillion other sites anyway! ^^;  This is just mato's cheap fansite... ^^;

Card Collection - some of the cards 'mato's gotten so far.  There'll be more scanned in soon. X3;

Digidestined Profiles - season 02 digidorks' profiles'll be up soon. ^^;

The Bookshelf - Fanfics! ^^; submit yours if you want...

*coughs and falls over* Yeah, pretty small.  I promise I'll get s'more stuff up soon... ~__~;;