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Fanfics! XD... once again, all the stuff here is © the people who wrote it... A disclaimer is on the front page, there's probably one in the fanfic somewhere too... so without further adieu, let's get to the reading! XD
Author: Downy
Hold me: Taichi & Yamato - A fanfic to the song "Hold Me" by Savage Garden.  It's a nice song, actually... *considers putting it as Random MP3 of the Update* ... Oh! Taito warning - That means Yamato and Taichi as a couple.  ^^; Use your own discretion...

Author: Niko-chan
Masks - What if Taichi and Yamato met before they went to the Digiworld? This is what... No Taito in this fic, just cute friendshippy things, and lots of angst.  Told from Yamato's point of view.

*sweatdrops* I guess Ineed to get more fanfics, ne? Oh well... with time, I'm sure.  Wanna go back to the main page?